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clear5Clear5, by Acne Vitamins, is a self-proclaimed revolutionary natural acne fighting product that is taken orally. The product claims to have a powerful and safe time release dose of vitamin B5 along with other all-natural ingredients that will clear your skin of acne within a few short weeks. Clear5 targets hormonal imbalance and says its B5 based formula will reduce oil and tone your skin all in one fail swoop. But looking further reveals this may just be an expensive vitamin.

Method behind the madness

According to the company, Clear5 natural acne treatment with vitamin B5 goes beyond topical creams and cleansers by counteracting hormonal imbalance, enhancing the circulation of your cells and naturally tightening your pores. This in turn is supposed to transform oily skin smooth and healthy. Clear5 is said to enable your body to better break down oil in the skin –sebum-. The process of metabolizing sebum requires a constant supply of the catalyst Coenzyme A, but in order for your body to make Coenzyme A, it needs a ready supply of vitamin B5. Clear5 promises that supply of needed Vitamin B5.


Clear5 claims to work better than any other product on the market today. Its all-natural list of ingredients includes:


* Vitamin B5:  AKA Pantothenic Acid, critical in the metabolism and synthesis of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

* Biotin: Cofactor in the metabolism of fatty acids and leucine, and in gluconeogenesis.

* Chromium: Chemical element which has the symbol Cr and atomic number 24

*Selenium: Chemically related to sulfur and tellurium

* OptiZinc: Form of zinc.


* Methocel
* Dicalcium Phosphate
* Stearic Acid
* Microcrystalline Cellulose
* Magnesium Stearate
* Silica

Of all the ingredients listed, none of them are proven to be effective in the war on acne.

Vitamins versus acne medication

Clear5 like many other acne fighting products that are available today seem to think that they can give you the illusion of an effective product even though these products contain little more –and sometimes less- than a good multi-vitamin. You wouldn’t go to the drug store and get a multi-vitamin with the expectation that it was going to clear up your acne would you?

If you buy this product you shouldn’t expect it either.


The more you look the more you see. The all-natural acne fighting products seem to be everywhere these days. Clear5 is no different, promising you clear skin in weeks with an all natural formula that doesn’t contain any “harsh ingredients.”

Instead of saying that, they should say that they don’t contain anything that will aid you in your quest of total acne domination. The only difference between Clear5 and many other all-natural acne fighting products is the fact that Clear5 pushed Vitamin B5 where another product may push Vitamin A, or C, or whatever. Bottom line is, vitamins are great for your health, but healthy people have acne too. If you are really convinced that vitamins will cure your acne problems then by all means take them. But save yourself some money and go to the drug store and get a bottle of Flintstone Vitamins before you spend an unnecessary amount of money on a product like this one.

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