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Dermaclear is touted as an all-in-one skin treatment that not only clears up your acne but also rejuvenates your skin and makes you look younger. The company claims that results are seen in less than one week. Dermaclear promises to be more effective than any other product available and is also said to cause no irritation whatsoever. But a look at some of the active ingredients may prove otherwise.

Non-harsh ingredients?

The ingredients that are in Dermaclear are said to be non-harsh and non-irritating to the skin, but some of the ingredients that could be found are quite the opposite of this claim. Some of the ingredients that can cause irritation include:

* Laurel Sulfate: Form of sulfur that you may not want on your face.

* Salicylic Acid: Common ingredient in acne medications that can cause irritation.

* Tartaric Acid: As with any acid, it can irritate the skin.

Even more troubling is the fact that on the website of Dermaclear, there is no complete list of ingredients to be found. Since the product is applied directly to the skin, this can cause much trouble if you are prone to be allergic to certain substances.

“Works alone, but better with other products”

In a classic move performed by many acne products that are available today, Dermaclear is said to work wonderfully alone. But the company’s website is clear in saying that the Dermaclear product will work even better with other products that the company makes. This type of product bundling is often seen with companies that have products that aren’t very effective and thus aren’t really flying off the shelves.

So many testimonials

The website for Dermaclear has an entire page dedicated to testimonials. This is another parlor trick that many acne products employ. The problem with so many testimonials is that they begin to sound the same and the credibility starts to fall apart. It is also suspect that the company dedicates a whole page to the testimonials and nothing to the ingredients.


Dermaclear is like so many other acne products that are available today in that they have little interest in telling you what is in the product and a big interest in bundling their other products all in an effort to clear inventory. When a product features so many testimonials and no information on ingredients it just doesn’t leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling. It is also not comforting to buy a product that claims there is nothing in it that will cause irritation only to find out that there are several irritants in the mix. Why they would only tout the ingredients that can irritate and not a full list is anyone’s guess. The good news is that the product does come with a money back guarantee but in typical smoke and mirrors fashion, the details of how to go about getting your money back are confusing and not so easy to follow. With so many other products available to fight acne, Dermaclear is one that you may want to steer clear of.

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