Mychelle Acne Treatment

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mychelleMychelle Acne Treatment is an all-natural cleanser that is said to rid you of your acne without any harsh chemicals or side effects. The company makes a total line of skin care products and says that for best results you should use their products in tandem, no surprise there. Mychelle Acne Treatment is said to work so well because of the main ingredient of totaral, which is derived from the Totara Tree. While this is certainly an original claim, there is nothing in the way of proof that this ingredient in particular will help you get rid of your acne. The product comes in a one-ounce bottle and is said to be the right fit for men as well as woman, no matter their race or age.

Totara Tree

Mychelle Acne Treatment claims that it is so successful at getting rid of your acne because of its main ingredient of totaral, which comes from the Totara Tree. The Totara Tree is simply a tree that is found in New Zealand and unless the findings are a secret there is nothing to prove that the tree contains anything that will help you get control of your acne.

All natural?

Though the website for the company claims over and over again that Mychelle Acne Treatment is all-natural and contains no harsh chemicals, there are in fact some not so natural ingredients in the product. The presence of Salicylic Acid and other harsh chemicals is not only unnatural, but they can also irritate your skin if it is sensitive. Since the product is a topical one and is applied directly to your skin you should really look at the ingredients list before you decide whether to buy it or not.

How long can it last?

The product comes in a very small one-ounce bottle. While it is not said directly as to how long you can expect the product to last, you have to figure that it won’t last long if you are using it with any degree of regularity. For the price you will pay in obtaining Mychelle Ance Treatment, there are many comparable products available that are not only cheaper, but will also supply you with a greater amount of product.


It’s all-natural; it’s not all natural, which is it? Too many acne-fighting products on the market today claim to be all-natural because that is what consumers want to hear. Upon inspection of the ingredients you can usually find the truth and it is always better to look first rather than take the word of the company trying to pedal the product. The last thing you want to do is buy a product and use it thinking all the while that it is all-natural and then have your face break out even worse than before because the product really wasn’t all-natural and contained harsh chemicals that you were not expecting. Now business is business and every company wants to sell their products, but when it comes down to misleading the consumer, like Mychelle Acne Treatment does, an automatic pass should be put into effect and an alternative should be sought.

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